We give Love!!

We give Love!!

We have had a unique day of solidarity and offer today. Our vegetable garden products had a different shipment this year! We gave them to the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Propontida!

This is a continuation of our cooperation under the European Program of NEMESIS.

The headmaster said: “The value of these products you see is priceless! Because we give our students the opportunity to develop practical skills and to learn to work together, but at the same time to acquire knowledge of the natural sciences, the wealth of our country…. Love and offer are the messages of this day, because today we express our love for our fellow man, for all our fellow citizens who are affected by the financial and social crisis that affects our country and are deprived of even the necessary things”.

Then the students with professional experience and with the help of their teachers cut, cleaned, washed and placed our biological products in boxes ready for disposal.

The representative of the Municipality and Head of the Social Grocery Mrs. Kalimeri Mona attended the event. She talked to the students about the value of solidarity and giving, and after thanking the students, she received the “goodies” to share with the families of the Social Grocery, during the Christmas distribution.

The president of the local community, Mr. Avgeris, also attended and spoke to the students. He made a special mention of the value of our vegetable gardens and the experiential learning that our School offers through its actions.

Once again our School demonstrates its experiential character and openness to the local community through the initiatives and efforts made by everyone. We are proud to be the teachers of this school and we each put our talents in action!

We would like to thank the teachers of the School, the students, the President and the volunteers who helped to collect the vegetable garden products and assist in any of our activities. We also thank the Mayor of Nea Propontida Mr. Karras Manolis and the representative of the Social Grocery Mrs. Mona Kalimeri for their excellent cooperation and assistance.